Bryan Compton

The Admiral

“The Admiral” Bryan W. Compton, earned his nickname from a distinguished 30+ year career in the US Navy, where he was the first Commanding Officer of the USS Nimitz, awarded the Navy Cross and several other medals. (see Wikipedia for his full career highlights). He is written about colorfully by some of his colleagues in various books, notably “Flight of the Intruder,” and was featured in a 1-hr documentary on the TV show, WINGS. Bryan Whit, is the real deal, in terms of “tough as nails”, “all-in” and able to “stay the course” after the catfish industry collapse after 2008 financial crisis, the 2011 tornado that leveled most of our operation, and after unexpected losses of both a son and son-in-law in their prime. His leadership skills are fearless and unparalleled in “focus on the objective”, and “finish the mission.”